Which job is best for computer science students?

Many students come across a question in their mind after completing computer science degree or while opting degree course in computer science that “Which job is best for computer science students?”

Which job is best for computer science students?

Here are some job profile category i listed for you guys

1). Application Support Engineer:- This profile involves 24/7 support for big banking and finance organizations such as ATM Services, net-banking services which works on servers so an Support engineer have to take care of the uptime for these servers so customers could not face any difficulty as you also see when you are using ATMs and other banking services.

2) Software Developer:- A software developer position is a 9 hr day time job in which you role is to develop software modules which comprises of designing the UI, the database management, and the most tedious task of coding such modules to function properly for an outcome specified by the client.

3) Network Engineer:- This profile encompasses both the software and hardware modules of a company which designs and prepare the infrastructure of the office environment to computerize the systems. The Engineer have to work for 24/7 again in this job profile to assure the companys operations without any upheld.

4) Database Administrator:- A gaint scope in this job profile if you have done degree in computer science then grab yourself to be a Administrator(DBA) as it have huge demand in computer world as we know that to store the date we need databases. In this particular profile you have wide salary scope.

5) DevOps Engineer:- This field is new and a booming job profile in IT industry. Here you have to create and maintain website platforms using different new technologies along with managing cloud infrastructure and system administration. This profile needs some work experience in particular domain.


Hope so i answered your query you typed in your search gave you the optimized result after reading this article post “Which job is best for computer science students?” and if you have any other query put it into the comments below i will be amazed to help you out.

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