which book should i refer for fybsc computer science

As a student of first year bsc computer science as per the syllabus of mumbai university a big question arises in front of computer science students as “which book should i refer for fybsc computer science”

So according to my experience as a faculty of computer science i will suggest few reference books for computer science that could help students for their academic and knowledge perception in fybsc computer science

which book should i refer for fybsc computer science

First Year (Fybsc) Computer Science Books:-

  1. TechMax Publications:- This publication books is available at your market place available for all academic subjects you have in your fybsc computer science syllabus of mumbai university.
  2. Yaswant Kanetkar:- This reference book is for C programming i.e “Programming in C” subject of your fybsc computer science a good book for c programming basic concepts and is syllabus oriented.
  3. E Balaguruswamy: – A best author written reference books for subjects C++ Programming, OOPS concepts, and also for C Programming available at your amazon market store and your local shop sellers as well. These books illustrated the programming concepts clearly and stated the programs as per the concept explained for all particular topics that mentioned in your computer science, Information Technology syllabus of first year or second year of fybsc or sybsc it or computer science.
  4. Python Complete Reference:- This is a Complete Reference book for python that covers all your syllabus plus extra programming knowledge that a computer science or IT student must learn for a strong base into python programming.
  5. Datastructure using C:- This book covers the syllabus of your data structure subject of fybsc computer science.

where should i purchase these books for fybsc computer science

You can purchase these above books by clicking these links given below of the amazon website or you can purchasse at your near by book stores…as per your wish and feasibility and for techmax publication books you can also do the same process.

Programming books

1)Python: The Complete Reference Paperback – 20 March 2018

2)Programming in Python 3: A Complete Introduction to the Python


4)Programming in ANSI C – Balguruswamy

Java – The Complete Reference 10th Edition https://amzn.to/3h6ezie
Java: The Complete Reference, 11th Edition Kindle Edition https://amzn.to/3hdaFUP

Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles 10th Edition

Cryptography and Network Security – Principles and Practice, 7th Edition Kindle Edition

which book should i refer for fybsc computer science

Note: The TechMax publications books are not reference books but yes they benefit students in cost as they are cheaper than the reference books and limited only syllabus content that many students are only exam oriented. But if students need to make career in programming and crack interviews of MNC software companies like Capgemini, TATA Consultancy Services(TCS),, Infosys, Accenture, LnT infotech and many more then they should purchase these reference books and earn the full knowlege from these books.

If you have any query then comment below i will try to answer with in short while..

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