Which book is best for class 12 Computer Science

The Bifocal subject computer science is of huge importance for scoring marks in class 12 state board exams, so my student a question you asked is “Which books are best for class 12 Computer science” if you clicked this link as you require it.

I know you are also confused about “Which books should I refer to for class 12 computer science” so here is your answer for the CS subject.

If you are an HSC Maharashtra Board student then you should refer to Nikita Publication’s textbook written by “Prakash Khanale” author for computer science subject. On the other hand, you may also prefer R. D. Supekar for the Bi-focal CS Subject.

TPS books also could be preferred for preparing class 12th Hsc computer science bifocal subject as it is available with all question answers format.

12th hsc cs books are shown in this particular video on “which books should I refer for class 12 computer science for your reference.

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