what is coding in computer science

This article helps you to find the answer for a question that always comes to your mind “What is Coding language in computer science and What Is It Used For?” in computer programming language.

As an answer to this questions is “Coding is simply use of programming methodologies to automate a task upon the given instructions being executed. It allows us to create computer software programs, operating systems, web apps, and mobile apps.

What is Coding language in computer science and What Is It Used for
What is Coding language in computer science and What Is It Used for

There are various list of programming languages in computer technology world

  1. c
  2. c++
  3. java
  4. Ruby
  5. C#
  6. Javascript
  7. Python
  8. Perl
  9. Scala
  10. PHP

Now will see how the “computer programming coding language works

In Programming the code logic is build upon the task to be performed and these are the code lines that have to follow the syntax i.e set of rules to be followed while writing a program code as we follow the grammar in writing the sentences in English.

Many programming languages are often simple but they instructed to do different tasks. For example, one of the most popular languages, JavaScript, is used primarily for web pages and front end development. On the other hand, Python is used for both complete software programs and web applications.

Fact about coding is that learning to code is a process of trial and error. Coding is a ultimate skill to acquire. It takes time, and it helps to have guidance. 

According to Reader’s Digest, about 50 percent of jobs that pay at least $ 62,000 require some coding skills. It is estimated that 8 million annual US job openings require the code to be known. Qualification with coding is America’s most wanted job skill. Many believe that coding experts can only succeed as computer programmers. A programmer writes code to create functional software that performs tasks perfectly.

If you had reached to this end while reading this blog page then here is a bonus tip from my experience i would like to share with you is that Python is a great language that you can use to build nearly any website or application you’d ever want to make.

To learn python or any of the programming language coding that i listed above you can refer to numerous websites that are available on the web.

Conclusion : This article answers to your various questions like “what is computer programming language, what is computer coding, what is a computer language” and finally the title “What is Coding language in computer science and What Is It Used For”

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