Top 51 Computer Science interview questions

Students this article contains top 50 plus technical interview questions for computer science this will help you when you go for an interview in IT MNC Companies while appearing in technical round or aptitude tests.

These computer science interview questions could guide you the way interviews happens in an IT Sector that tests your programming skills, technical knowledge, concepts and models.

While going for an aptitude tests a computer science student must know at least basic fundamentals concepts that examine the perfect candidate for that employer. so to well-verse with these interview rounds you should know some of these technical interview questions relates to computer science field.

Top 51 Computer Science interview questions

Top 50 Computer Science interview questions

1) What is a class in Object oriented language (OOPs) ?

2) What is primary and secondary memory?

3) What is the difference between overriding and overloading?

4) What is a view in SQL?

5) What is a constructor?

6) What is a destructor?

7) What are the primary components of a computer system?

8) What is inheritance?

9) What is a class? What is a superclass?

10) What is an interface?

11) What is a file?

12) Explain the SDLC Model?

13) Explain water-fall model in SDLC?

14) Explain practically COCOMO Model?

15) Explain Spiral Model in software development?

16) What are the features of Java?

17) What do you mean by software quality assurance(QA) in software engineering process?

18) What is the role of Kernel in Operating System(OS)?

19) What is the difference between Kernel and OS?

20) What is a trigger in SQL?

21) What is RDBMS?

22) What is tuple in python?

23) What is BCNF in DBMS?

24) What is normalisation?

25)  What are JavaScript Data Types?

26) Who invented JAVA?

27) Which company developed JavaScript?

28) Is it possible to break JavaScript Code into several lines?

29) What are all the looping structures in JavaScript?

30) What do mean by NOT NULL in SQL Table?

31) Explain this keyword in Java?

32) What are features of Java?

33) What is Inheritance ? Types of Inheritance?

34) When Linux OS launched?

35) What are the components of LINUX?

36) What is a GUI?

37) Explain concept of Garbage Collection in Java?

38) How we mention a multiline and single-line comment in PHP?

39) What is an IMageMap?

40) What is the difference between DIV and SPAN in HTML?

41) What is anchor tag and how can you open an URL in a new tab when clicked?

42) What are inline elements and block-level elements in HTML?

43) What is the difference between an echo and print command in php?

44) What do you mean by pass by value and pass by reference in c++?

45) Which SQL command helps to delete the table data without deleting the structure of data?

46) What is Cluster index and non cluster index ?

47) What is a join and explain different types of joins?

48) What the difference between UNION and UNIONALL?

49) What is Rollback and Savepoint in SQL?

50) What is event Listener?

51) Is Python programming language a case-sensitive language?

Conclusion: Hope so student these “Top 50 Computer Science interview questions” could help you in your interviews and if you need the answers of these interview questions then comment me in below comment box.

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