Python Basic Questions interviews

Python Basic Questions

Here are some Python basic questions could be helpful for students who are beginners in python Programming, or appearing for interviews and competitive exams.


python basic questions




Q1. Who Invented/created Python?
Ans: Guido van Rossum.
Q2. Where python used in?
Ans: Python is used in various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
Q3: Is Python a high-level programming language?
Ans: Yes.
Q4: Does Python Supports Machine Learning?
Ans: Yes It does and python also supports Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Data Science.
Q5. Is Python is used as a scripting language?
Ans: Yes Python is used as Scripting Language a programming language that is used to control software applications
Q6. Is Python is an object-oriented programming language?
Ans: Yes

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Q7. Is python case sensitive?

Ans: Yes. Python is a case sensitive language.

Q8. What is the namespace in Python?
Ans: A namespace is a naming system that is used to ensure that names are unique to avoid naming conflicts.
Q9. How to install Python?
Ans: Steps to install python are given in this link
Q10. Write Correct Syntax for “Python World” in Python?
Ans: print(“Python World”).
This “Python basic questions” article section will get updated for more questions in future.

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