How to Install Python

How to Install Python in computers

Here is an Article “How to Install Python” for helping you all in installation steps of python in your Computer System

how to install python
Steps to intall python

Step 1: Select the version of Python to install.


Step 2: Now Download the Python Executable Installer (.exe) file and when clicked you will see the file downloading at bottom of your web browser that you used to download.


It could be of two types:-

If your Windows OS is a 32-bit system, then you need to download the Windows x86 executable installer. If your Windows OD is a 64-bit version, you have to download the Windows x86-64 executable installer.

Step 3: Run Executable Installer by double clicking on that botton page file that has been downloaded to proceed with installation of Python. After that click on install button appeared on installation wizard.


Step 4: Verify that Python has been Installed On Windows or not by double clicking the “python.exe” icon that appears after installation.

Step 5: Add Python Path Variable to Environment Variables if possible do it else leave it don’t go to complexity.
Now its done this was the simple way of installation procedure to install Python on your PC/Laptop/Computer.

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