Computer Science objective questions for competitive exams-computer science gk

My dear student whoever reading this article i assure you that these General Knowledge Objective GK Questions and Answers on Computer Science and Information Technology will help you in your competitive exams or interview aptitude test to score decent marks.

Computer Science objective gk questions for competitive exams

Computer Science objective gk questions for competitive exams

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Computer science objective gk questions with answers

Q1. Which Indian-origin Computer Scientist was a winner in 1993 of A M Turning award considered the highest honor in Computer Science?
Ans: Raj Reddy.

Q2. Which browser is provided with the latest versions of Windows 10?

Ans: Microsoft Edge.

Q3. What is a bug?

Ans: An Error in a software program.

Q4. Name the person who had written the first worm written for computer i.e. “The Morris worm’’?

Ans: Robert Tappan Morris Jr.

Q5. How the quality of printer is measured?

Ans: Dots per inch.

Q6. __________ is also called translator?

Ans: Language processor.

Q7. Which was first virus detected on ARPANET, the forerunner of the internet in the early 1970s?

Ans: Creeper Virus.

Q8. Which file system does NTFS uses?

Ans: Master File Table.

Q9. What does the command prompt uses?

Ans: CLI (Command Line Interface)

Q10. Which language does the linux use?

Ans: C programming language.

Q11. What is the full of form ALU?

Ans: Arithmetic  Logic Unit

Q12. What does SMTP stands for?

Ans: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Q13. Which of the following is the first calculating device?

Ans: Abacus.

Q14. Who is known as father of Internet?

Ans: Vint Cerf.

Q15. who is known as father of supercomputing?

Ans: Seymour crey.

Q16. Who created Java Programming language?

Ans:  At Sun Microsystems, Inc. by James Gosling.

Q17. When python language was invented?

Ans: February 20, 1991.

Q18. One Zettabyte = ______?

Ans: 1024 exabytes.

Q19. Which is the largest unit of data memory amoung petabyte, exabytes, Zettabyte, yottabyte?

Ans: yottabyte.

Q20. Which out of the following helps in quickly help you rename a file or folder?

Ans: F2.

Computer Science objective gk questions for competitive exams

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