Computer Gk Questions Day5 2020-21

Computer Gk Questions Day5 2020-21

Computer gk questions day5 2020-21 will help you for Basic Computer Awareness questions for SBI Clerk exams, Bank PO, Bank Clerical Exams, IBPS exams 2020-21, and all other Banking Recruitment Examinations, so I have jotted some basic computer awareness Knowledge questions and answers for your reference which could help to score maximum marks in your respective competitive exam.

Computer Gk Questions – Day5 2020-21

Computer Gk Questions - Day5
Q1. The Internet Web Giant was invented by ?

Ans: Ajith Balakrishnan and Manish Agarwal

Q2. What is full form of RDBMS?
Ans: Relational Database Management Sysytem.
Q3. What is the tagline for Accenture?
Ans High Performance Delivered.
Q4. When was the first smart phone launched?
Ans: 1992 (IBM Simon)
Q5. IC chips used in computers are usually made up of?
Ans: Silicon.

Q6. Name the supercomputer which was developed by the Indian Scientists?

Ans: Param.
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Q7. What is the function of control unit in CPU?

Ans: Perform Logic Functions.


Q8. What is DBMS (Database Management System)?
Ans: DBMS i.e Database Management System is a collection of inter-related user’s data used to store or retrieve efficiently and securely when needed.
Q9. What does SSL stand for?
Ans: Secure Socket Layer.
Q10. What type of memory is there even after the computer is turned off?
Ans: Flash Memory.

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