Computer – Data Storage Memory Units from Smallest to Largest

Hello, students welcome to this site which will always help you with your query which comes to every student’s mind. One common query that always comes into your mind is “What is Memory unit in Data Storage? and what are the Computer – Data Storage Memory Units from Smallest to Largest.

Data Storage Memory Unit is the amount of data that can be stored in the storage unit. This storage capacity is expressed in terms of Bytes.

Computer data storage is a technique that incorporates computer parts and recording media used to store or retain digital data. It is the main function and fundamental component of a computer.

The central processing unit(CPU) of a computer is one that manipulates data by performing computations, calculations etc.

These could be in the primary form or secondary form of memory devices like Magnetic tapes, Hard disks, or removable storage media, such as USB flash drives, CDs, or DVDs.

Computer Data Storage Memory Units from Smallest to Largest

Bit (Binary Digit)

A binary digit is logical 0 and 1 representing a passive(low) or an active state(high) of a component in an electric circuit.

Bits are the basic building blocks of not only data storage, but all computing systems. Computer memory is in binary digits, combining 0’s and 1’s in countless format. These binary digits are known as bits, and are the smallest possible unit for data storage.


A Nibble data memory unit consist of group of 4 bits.


A group of 8 bits is called byte. A byte is the smallest unit, which can represent a data item or a character.

Computer – Data Storage Memory Units from Smallest to Largest

Bit1 or 0 (high or low)
Byte (B)8 bits
Kilobyte (KB)1024 bytes
Megabyte (MB)1024 kilobytes
Gigabyte (GB)1024 megabytes
Terabyte (TB)1024 gigabytes
Petabyte (PB)1024 terabytes
Exabyte (EB)1024 petabytes
Zettabyte (ZB)1024 exabytes
Yottabyte (YB)1024 zettabyte
brontobyte (XB)1024 yottabyte

Conclusion:- This article helps you in different kinds of data storage units of memory in computer.

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