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B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus Subjects 2021

Here is the syllabus for College Academic Students pursuing a B.Sc Computer Science Course under the affiliation of Mumbai University for the academic year 2021-22. This article post is about Bsc Computer Science Syllabus Mumbai University 2021-22 which came into effect from academic year 2016-17 subjects for fybsc computer science alongwith sybsc computer science and tybsc computer science.

B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus

University of Mumbai –  New Syllabus for Bsc Computer Science 2021

B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus Subjects

F.Y.B.Sc.(Semester I and II) Computer Science Syllabus(2021-22)

Course Code Course Title ( Subject Name)
USCS101 Computer Organization and Design
USCS102 Programming with Python- I
USCS103 Free and Open Source Software
USCS104 Database Systems
USCS105 Discrete Mathematics
USCS106 Descriptive Statistics and Introduction to
USCS107 Soft Skills Development
USCSP01 Practical of USCS101 + USCS102 +USCS103+USCS104+USCS105+USCS106

Semester – 2 (First year bsc computer science syllabus)

Course Code Course Title ( Subject Name)
USCS201 Programming with C
USCS202 Programming with Python– II
USCS203 Linux
USCS204 Data Structures
USCS205 Calculus
USCS206 Statistical Methods and Testing of Hypothesis
USCS207 Green Technologies
USCSP02 Practical of USCS201 + USCS202 +USCS203+USCS204+USCS205+USCS206

S.Y.B.Sc. (Semester III and IV) Computer Science Syllabus

Course Code Course Title ( Subject Name)
USCS301 Theory of Computation
USCS303 Operating System
USCS304 Database Management Systems
USCS305 Combinatorics and Graph Theory
USCS306 Physical Computing and IoT Programming
USCS307 Skill Enhancement: Web Programming
USCSP301 Practical of USCS302+USCS303+USCS304
USCSP302 Practical of USCS305+USCS306+USCS307

Semester – 4 (Second year bsc computer science syllabus)

B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus Subjects

Course Code Course Title ( Subject Name)
USCS401 Fundamentals of Algorithms
USCS402 Advanced JAVA
USCS403 Computer Networks
USCS404 Software Engineering
USCS405 Linear Algebra using Python
USCS406 .NET Technologies
USCS407 Skill Enhancement: Android Developer Fundamentals
USCSP401 Practical of USCS401+ USCS402+ USCS403
USCSP402 Practical of USCS405+ USCS406+ USCS407

T.Y.B.Sc. (Semester V and VI) Computer Science Syllabus

Course Code Course Title ( Subject Name)
  Elective-I (Select Any Two)
USCS501 Artificial Intelligence
USCS502 Linux Server Administration
USCS503 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  Elective-II (Select Any Two)
USCS504 Information and Network Security
USCS505 Architecting of IoT
USCS506 Web Services
  Skill Enhancement
USCS507 Game Programming
USCSP501 Practical of Elective-I
USCSP502 Practical of Elective-II
USCSP503 Project Implementation
USCSP504 Practical of Skill Enhancement : USCS507

Semester – 6 (Third year BSc computer science syllabus)

Course Code Course Title ( Subject Name)
  Elective-I (Select Any Two)
USCS601 Wireless Sensor Networks and Mobile Communication
USCS602 Cloud Computing
USCS603 Cyber Forensics
  Elective-II (Select Any Two)
USCS604 Information Retrieval
USCS605 Digital Image Processing
USCS606 Data Science
  Skill Enhancement
USCS607 Ethical Hacking
USCSP601 Practical of Elective-I
USCSP602 Practical of Elective-II
USCSP603 Project Implementation
USCSP604 Practical of Skill Enhancement: USCS607
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