Best Universities for Computer Science

Here are some Top Best Universities for Computer Science listed for your information while taking admissions in computer science degree course

Best Universities for Computer Science

Best University for Computer Science

1). University of California: – University of California located at Los Angeles, United States is world’s top universities for its specialized courses to make students employable when step out after their degree completion as freshers.

2) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): – MIT is a research institute university in Cambridge, Massachusetts United States. MIT took up a European polytechnic university model and compact laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering. It has since played a key role in the development of many aspects of modern science, engineering, mathematics, and technology, and is widely known for its innovation and academic strength.

3) Stanford University:- Stanford University, one of the world’s premier educational and research institutes, that is dedicated to finding solutions to major challenges and preparing students for excellent career potential.

4) University of Oxford:- The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. Oxford University is at par top level in field of teaching as early as 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s second-oldest university in continuous operation since many decades globally.

5) Harvard University:- As others Harvard is the most oldest institution of higher/advanced learning in the United States and considered as among the most prestigious League research university in the world

6) University of Cambridge:- University of Cambridge located at Cambridge city of England, United kingdom.

7) Princeton University:- Princeton University is situated at New Jersey which founded in 1746 in Elizabeth known as the College of New Jersey, while Princeton is among the fourth-oldest institutes in United States for academic higher education.

Best Universities for Computer Science

Best Computer Science Schools

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. University of California
  3. Imperial College London
  4. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)
  5. Columbia University
  6. University of Washington
  7. Tsinghua University

Best College for computer science

  1. Stanford University
  2. Carnegie Mellon University
  3. Cornell University
  4. Georgia Institute of Technology
  5. University of Texas At Austin
  6. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  7. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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